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Internet access   


Why choose us

Besides our personal support, you
  • can set up your own web- server
  • can run your own mail- server
    In contrast to other, mostly mainstream providers we do not sell ADSL accouncts.
    ADSL accounts are always sold at a high overselling rate, which means that you have to share your bandwith with other clients. Often this rate is 50:1 or even higher.

    Our overselling rate is currently 2:1. This guarentees you a fast, constant access to the internet.

    Furthermore you do not get a limit of 2GB or 4 GB at a maxiumum like a ADSL account.
    With a speed of 33k you can download more than 10 GB a month, with 128k even 40 GB.
    The costs per MB for a ADSL account are much more expensive than our rates.
    Yo can contact us and we calculate the best solution for you.


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